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PDC and Area Disposal Customer satisfaction survey

1. Please provide your First and Last name *This question is required.
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2. Please provide your service address. *This question is required.
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This question requires a valid number format.
7. Have you ever attempted to contact our customer service department? *This question is required.
Was it easy to navigate our phone system menu?
Did you get a live person?
Was the customer service helpful?
Did you leave a message?
Was your message returned?
Was your message returned in a timely manner (ex within 1 hour) ?
Was the reason you contacted our company addressed to your satisfaction?
8. Have you ever had a service issue ( ex missed pick up)? *This question is required.
Was the service issue addressed to your satisfaction?
9. Have you ever visited our website *This question is required.
Were you able to easily find the information you were looking for?
10. If we had an APP  would you use it?
11. Would you recommend us to a friend, family member or business in your community? *This question is required.
12. Are there any other comments or concerns you would like to share with us at this time?  If so please explain. *This question is required.
13. Lastly, on a scale from 1-5, 1 being poor and 5 being outstanding, how would you rate our service in the following 2 areas: *This question is required.
Space Cell 12345N/A
Office staff courtesy/friendliness
Overall satisfaction with your service